Thursday, February 25, 2010

"It hurts me more than it will hurt you"

I've heard that saying many times when parents punish their children or force them to do something the child doesn't want to do. Today I learned that old sayings can sometimes be very true. We had to take Nora for her first vaccinations. I've been dreading this since we made the appointment two months ago. The thought of deliberately hurting her even for a moment was so awful to me. I want to protect her from every pain in life yet i know that's not possible. Sometimes a person has to go through a little pain for the greater good. Still, as a parent watching your child hurt, even momentarily, is one of the worst things you can go through. I never really got it until I became a parent myself. The moment I took her in my arms I knew to my core that i would willingly die for her. My hurt breaks now when I hear of sick children & think of what their parents must be going through.

Here's a photo of my hubby & Nora enjoying a moment together in the doctor's office:

It was really hard to decide to vaccinate our little Angel Face. I know there can be risks involved with vaccines and lots of parents now are choosing not to vaccinate, including members of our own family. We gave it alot of thought before we chose to vaccinate. I worked in a daycare with specially challenged children, three of whom had severe mental retardation after suffering from measles & meningitis. With one of the children the parents had made the choice not to receive vaccines for their daughter and they were destroyed by the guilt they felt over her condition. I know that I couldn't handle it if something like that happened with us. I'd rather take my chances with an adverse reaction to the vaccine than to have to constantly worry she could catch something preventable & be permanently debilitated. We are choosing to follow Dr. Sears delayed vaccine schedule so that the vaccines are a bit more spread out and hopefully won't overwhelm her system. I guess as a parent you just have to listen to your heart and do what you feel is best then accept that it's really all in the hands of a greater power.


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