Friday, January 1, 2010

Entering A New World

At exactly 12:20 am, I became a Mommy. Our daughter, Nora Maeve, finally made her entrance into this world and blessed our lives with her presence. Nothing will ever be the same. I'll never forget my first glimpse of her. My husband John held up this tiny little swaddled bundle with a darting pink tongue & mysteriously intense eyes squinting and blinking at the bright lights. I lost my heart forever. She was so beautiful with her delicate little features. My little Angel Face. She is so very special. The stars aligned to bring her to us on a day packed with special meaning. Nora was born under a blue moon, the first baby of the new year & new decade born at our local hospital. It also happened to be the fifth anniversary of the day my husband and I joined our lives forever so she was our anniversary gift to eachother. I suppose this is why she was born nine days late and refused to come yesterday despite our hardest efforts. Eventually I'll get around to writing about her birth but for now I just wanted to say that today our daughter was born and our world is now a much better place. We are so blessed.

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