Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bra awesomeness

Yesterday, after 5 years of badgering me, my lovely hubby came home early from work and drug me to a lingerie shop where they do bra fittings. It was a complete ambush. He knew if he gave me any warning I'd come up with ten million excuses why I couldn't go to get fitted so instead he just showed up and said we're going. Sometimes I guess I need him to be a bit bossy :). Ever since we've been married he's hated my bras and was sure I was wearing the wrong size. I couldn't really disagree with him since the bras were obviously not supportive enough and I often seemed to pour out of the top of the cups, yet I resisted change. I knew that supportive, properly fitting bras would probably not be as comfy as my saggy, droopy, stretched out bras. And Who wants some strange woman wedging you into a bazillion different bras and judging you? Unfortunately my bra situation had reached a crises point because our dog had gotten into the laundry and chewed through the straps on two of my bras and because of the pregnancy (and booby swelling that accompanies it) I really, really needed to find out my new bra size, and I had a feeling it wasn't going to be a size you can find easily in a Target or Wal-Mart.

So, off we went to the nearest Blythe lingerie store where my worst fears were justified. My salesgirl was a gorgeous, petite little 18 year old (my hubby joked he needed a fitting as well, she was that cute) and I nearly turned around and walked out at my first sight of her. When you're fast approaching 40, 4 months pregnant, and OUTRAGEOUSLY overweight who wants to strip naked with a teenage girl looking at you? I was brave though and faced my fears. It turned out my salesgirl couldn't have been sweeter or less judgemental. I was shocked by her knowledge and professional behavior; not really what I'd have expected from someone just out of high school who looked like a brunette barbie doll. In practically no time at all she'd sized me and found lots of lovely bras for me to try on. I'd been wearing a 44DD bra but it turns out that what I should have been wearing was a 40H! And for the support I needed I should have been in an underwire bra. I was amazed at the difference in the way the new bras lifted and supported me. It will take a bit of time to get used to wearing a tigher band and underwires but it's worth it. I should have less back pain now that I'm getting better support for my chest and I'm pretty sure my hubby likes how the new bras look :). All in all I highly recommend getting a bra fitting and splurging on excellent supportive bras, particularly if you're a big chested gal like me. Once again I must admit my wonderful hubby was completely 100% RIGHT, drat the man! :) I guess I should have listened to him years ago and gone for a fitting.Three cheers for perky, well supported breasts!!

P.S. Thanks Squilla for the great suggestion about talking on the phone and exercising from my last post. I think that's a perfect solution and I'm going to give it a try ASAP!!

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