Monday, June 15, 2009

Migraines and Morning sickness

Ugh, I'm miserable miserable miserable. I was so hoping that getting pregnant might reduce my migraines, possibly even get rid of them for nine months or so. Since my migraines tended to come on either at ovulation or during menstruation I'd assumed it was all hormone related and maybe with luck I'd get relief from them until the baby was born. Unfortunately I haven't been that lucky. I had a very mild migraine a few weeks after getting pregnant and I thought, this ain't so bad, much better than my usual mind blowing migraine pain. The next month I didn't have a migraine at all and I was thrilled. Unfortunately, beginning last night and continuing through today I've gotten nailed by a pretty severe migraine attack, complete with flashing lights in my vision and vomiting. Combined with my normal morning sickness this has left me feeling like death. What's truly horrible about it all is that relief is sitting on top of my fridge and I can't take it. I have two different prescription migraine medications that normally cure my migraines within an hour or so but I can't take them because they may cause miscarriage or other problems in pregnant women. This is so not fair. Sometimes these migraines will last two to four days. :( . Heaven give me strength!!

I do have to admit that I've been fairly lucky with my morning sickness so far during this pregnancy. I didn't really get any symptoms until around the 8th week and mainly I've just had to deal with nausea, not the severe vomiting lots of women get. Being constantly nauseous isn't a lot of fun but it's bearable. For me the harder things to deal with have been the feelings of exhaustion, the fluctuations in body temperture, and the constant need to pee. Nobody really warned me about those delightful little side effects of getting pregnant. Overall though I can't really complain. So far both baby and I have been healthy and it will all be worth it when we get to hold our first baby (just in time for Christmas!).

While dealing with migraines and morning sickness I've been trying to get the url address I bought,, mapped to this journal site so that when you type it in you come here but though I've gone through all the steps twice it's still not working. I guess I'll have to break down and ask my hubby to go through it for me. Grrr, it's so annoying. I've followed the directions but obviously I'm missing something.

Okay, enough complaining from me. I'm going back to sitting in a black room with ice on my head praying for devine intervention and the appearance of a winged migraine angel who will come and instantly take my pain away.

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