Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meandering down mommyhood lane

N1508860454_30289339_2548563 So, why do I feel a need to start yet another new blog? Yep, you guessed it! I'm pregnant :). Sound the trumpets now please!! A new baby=new beginnings which seemed like the absolute perfect time to start a new blog as well, especially considering I'd all but abandoned my old blog several months ago. I need a place to chronicle this exciting new direction my life has taken, a place to record my journey as I meander down mommyhood lane. Maybe someday I'll take all the posts about our journey to parenthood and print them up for our future kids, or more likely I'll just keep them for myself as a reminder of a very special time in our lives. Don't worry though, not every single post will be about the pregnancy. I'll try to keep it down to just 99%,lol. It's our very first baby and we aren't exactly spring chickens anymore so you guys can't blame me for gushing on about it every now and again :).

Giddy with excitement we decided to start trying for a baby around the end of January. We're generally not the impulsive types and we wanted everything in our lives to be perfect before we started having kids but I think we suddenly realized that if we waited for the perfect time we'd probably never have children. Life is never perfect. So we decided to take a giant leap of faith. We were both ready to start a new chapter in life, parenthood. It was time to make some babies, Yippee !!! After reading some articles about how hard it is for a woman to conceive after the age of 35 we figured it would probably take us 6 months or so to get pregnant, maybe longer. Low and behold within 2 months I was throwing up prenatal vitamins and feeling tired all the time (not to mention the constant need to pee, ugh!). Aren't we the fertile myrtles? hehe. We had our first prenatal visit in mid May, and everything looked good. They did an ultrasound and it was sooo fun to see the baby floating about and doing the hula.

Right now I'm about 12 weeks along, fast approaching the end of the first trimester. The baby's due date is December 23rd. We'll be getting a baby for Christmas!!! Could life be any better?


Setting up a new and permanent home, flamingogirl.com

Meegan in yellow field

Yet another fresh start with yet another blog. In the approximately 8 years I've been on line I've probably had at least 10 different blogs or websites. Each time I get excited about the new space but then for some reason I just can't seem to settle in for long and within a few months or a year at most, I'm on to a new love affair with a new blog. I think I must have commitment issues :), lol. Well, I'm trying to stop that pattern now. I've bought a url (flamingogirl.com) and from now on that's going to be my internet home. I may try different blogging platforms or designs but from today forward I won't be galavanting all over the web with different blog addresses. If I change blogging hosts I'll just redirect or map my domain to the new blog so that anyone typing in flamingogirl.com can find me, regardless of where I'm currently getting my hosting services. I know it's been annoying for the few people who have faithful followed me through all my blogging incarnations so I'm making you, and myself a promise. From now on you'll always be able to find my personal blog at flamingogirl.com. Yay!!

My current blogging platform is typepad, which I'm liking a lot right now; particularly the fact that it offers photoalbumns and multiple pages as well as multiple blogs. It seems to be really popular with alot of bloggers I've followed and is often used by the bloggers featured in Artful Blogging Magazine, which I adore. It's not as easy to customize, organize, and add pages to as the blog hosting site I was last at (squarespace.com, which I highly recommend) but squarespace is more expensive than typepad and doesn't offer unlimited blogs like typepad does, also mapping my domain address should be much easier with typepad. I'm sure over time I'll be able to customize this typepad blog and stamp it with my personality. Anyway, this is home now. Welcome to my blog!!

P.S. Because I have a billion blogs floating around all over the internet, someday when I get myself organized I may move some of my old blog posts into this blog, in which case any blogs posted before this date (June 9th, 2009) will be from those other blogs. Hopefully this won't cause too much confusion.

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