Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling Better

Yippee!! After a full week my migraine has finally gone away and thanks to a lovely lady who posted a reference at a parenting site for a certified nurse midwife in my area I just might have solved my problem of finding a better care provider as well (thank you Aimee!).

We went for a hospital tour on Sunday evening and we were both impressed with St. Francis Medical Center. It's quite a bit nicer than any of the hospitals we've ever been in. The rooms seem very modern, clean, well maintained and spacious. I really liked the friendliness of the staff. They encourage rooming in so the baby will be with us in our room most of the time and my husband can stay in the room as well. Everyone says it's one of the best places to have a baby in the Richmond area so all in all we're really pleased that our baby will be born there and we're lucky it's just a short drive down the road.

It is so GREAT to finally feel human again! My morning sickness is nearly gone and now that the headache has left too I feel almost like my old self. I still get a bit nauseous late in the evening when I take my prenatal vitamins and I get tired very easily but overall everything is much better. Life is good :). Maybe now I will have the energy and motivation to make some graphic designs to print on onesies & t-shirts for the baby or even work on a craft project.

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