Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home sweet Virginia

We're slowly getting settled into our new apartment in Virginia and I'm just giddy with happiness!!I've never mentioned this before in my journal but since our marriage my husband and I have lived with his family (both parents in their 80's, 2 older sisters, and one of his older brothers). We decided to live there as a way to help us save for a house. In Orange County a starter home could easily run close to a million dollars. The arrangement was nice because it allowed me to get to know my inlaws much better than I would have otherwise and also we were able to help them out alot too. My husband is the practical, logical one in his family and also the one who is most handy around the house so he took care of most of the home maintainance that his elderly parents couldn't manage. Also when his father suffered an aortic anyuerism a year ago I was able to act as a caregiver for him during his first months back home. Overall living with them was a real benefit, but it also had it's drawbacks. We had a tiny room, his childhood bedroom, where we had to do all of our living: sleeping, dressing, watching TV, using our computers, and even eating. I microwaved all of our meals! Basically it was a bit like dorm living. I guess now you can understand my occassional comments about living in a tiny space. I wasn't joking! :)

So, I think you'll all probably understand why I'm so joyful just to finally have an apartment all our own. I can cook in our very own kitchen! We don't have to wait in line to use the bathrooms! We can sit on an actual couch to watch TV! All the simple joys of having a space all your own. This is our first little home together which makes it feel even more special. Honestly, I feel as if we've been on an extended 4 year honeymoon and now we're settling down to real life together.

I do feel a bit nostalgic or homesick for California. There was something about it that spoke to my soul;particularly the artsy little seaside towns, the majestic ocean, and all the wonderfully unique shops. It definitely appealed to my bohemian, creative side. There was just so much beauty everywhere. I know we'll visit California again and again in the future. We made so many amazing memories there. But now it's time for a new chapter in our lives. I don't think it's ever good to get to settled into a routine. Life should be always changing and evolving. And that's what I'm doing too, EVOLVING :).

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