Monday, June 2, 2008


How do you teach yourself to be disciplined, to do the miserable grown up things everyone has to do; like eating vegetables, taking vitamins, getting exercise, & doing jobs you don’t want to do? I’ve recently come to realize that I’ve spent my entire life avoiding things I don’t particularly like to do or giving the bare minimum effort so that I can just squeak by. I’ve often followed the path of least effort, building a cozy sheltered little world for myself with very little demands and unfortunately I’ve been able to get away with this for the majority of my life. You’d think that always finding a way out of doing stuff you don’t like would make for a happy life but actually it doesn’t because a lot of the things in life that you really want require WORK of some sort. Building a decent life takes work and discipline, two things I’ve never been big on. I don’t even take advantage of natural talents because what if I were actually to succeed at something? Success means work. It’s much easier to withdraw into daydreams. Lately though I’ve begun to realize I can’t just coast along settling for whatever comes my way just because it’s easiest. I have to actually get out in the world and put some effort into building the life of my dreams, building myself into the person I know I was actually meant to be. The question in my mind though is how to begin, how to break a lifetime of taking the easy route, doing whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, and generally being undisciplined & unfocused? Any suggestions? :)

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