Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tummy pain & Starting a new blog, please please visit

I think I mentioned here once before that I was thinking of creating a website, some place I can post more of my photos and attempts at art, as well as stuff about my daily life. Eventually I will probably even post my dieting ups and downs there too. The main part of the site is still under construction but the blog section is up now. I'd love it if everyone who watches me would visit there(and say hi!:). It doesn't have a lot of stuff up yet, just a couple of posts, but as I get more time I will upload more stuff. I will still post dieting stuff here for awhile( & I'll keep this journal open so I can still watch everyone), but eventually  down the road I plan to do all my blogging just at the one site.

A Fine romance..Flamingo Girl's Blog (had to choose a different username because a happy wife. com is already taken, so I've gone with flamingogirl.com since flamingo was a nickname my husband gave me years ago. Gonna miss my happy wife name though :( )

Okay, dieting/health update: 

Remember in my last post where I mentioned having a horrible pain attack after eating a creamy pasta dish?It was the first of several absolutely awful attacks and I found out that I have gallstones. The doctors (and my family) are insisting I have my gallbladder removed. I'm kind of down about that. I've never had real surgery before (not counting wisdom teeth removal) and I've always been kind of proud about that. It makes me a little nervous too. It's a one in a million chance anything could go wrong with the surgery but I still worry a little. How ironic is it that I get on a health kick, giving up most of my favorite junk foods, and NOW I get sick? I was so pleased when I had blood work & a physical a few months ago and everything came back great. I'd kind of thought that I'd gotten away with all the abuse I've done to my body, that there wouldn't be consequences. Guess I wasn't as lucky as I'd thought. Even though the doctor said it's probably heriditary since so many of my family members have had to have their gall bladders removed, I still think I wouldn't be having problems if I weren't so overweight. I probably wouldn't even have the surgery if it were just up to me. I'd just deal with the pain attacks and try to stick with the (incredibly) low fat diet that the doctors put me on. But my husband and family really think I need the surgery and the doctors do to, so I'm listening to them. I should get a call this week from the surgeon's office to schedule the surgery. Joy.

P.S. Squilla, I've tried leaving comments at your blog but for some reason they never show up. Just wanted to say I hope all is well with you and I loved your most recent post!!

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