Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame. ~Henry David Thoreau

“The greatest gift of all is to love and be loved in return.”

I am a very lucky woman. I’m loved by a wonderful man. He supports me in every way, is always there for me, takes care of me when I’m sick, and chases me around tickling me just to make me laugh. What more could I ask for? I’m also lucky to be blessed with a great family that also loves me unconditionally, even after I deserted them and moved 1500 miles away to marry the love of my life. Though we are often busy and don’t get to talk as much as we’d like, they are always with me in my heart just as I’m sure I am always with them. Love truly does make the world go round. Without it, life just wouldn’t be worth very much. Today, and every day, we should take a minute to truly appreciate how lucky we are to be loved. It is the greatest blessing of all. And while we’re at it, maybe we should also take a few minutes to love ourselves.

Be your own Valentine. Cherish Yourself.

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