Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Beginning. Here comes 2008!!!

Well, it's the second day of a brand new year, a year in which I hope to make important lifestyle changes and move steadily along the path towards the life I want to have and the person I want to be. My goals are fairly simple: Take care of myself with good food and exercise. Explore my spirituality through meditation, prayer, reading, and communing with nature. Cultivate positive thoughts. Be kinder, more appreciate and understanding in my relationships. Learn, improve, and grow.

Of course, the unspoken but underlying goal of all of this is to lose weight and get healthy. I'm taking positive little steps. I had blood work done last Friday and on Jan. 8th I'm scheduled for a full physical with my first ever pap test and mammogram. I've started recording everything I eat in a little black book so that I'll keep track of my calorie intake and am more aware of what I'm eating. I've bought some different dieting books and hopefully they will help me create a healthier eating plan. I'm following a vegetarian diet now, and giving up SODA yet again. Hopefully these will be permanent changes. I really believe that eliminating meat, red meat in particular will really be a huge benefit to my health. I will eat fish occasionally for the omega-3 fatty acids. Jim & Shirley gave me some yoga videos & a yoga mat. I haven't started the exercise aspect yet but I will soon.

John and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Three years! In some ways I feel like John has been a part of my life forever.He's just become such a part of me I can't remember what it was like not to have him in my life. In other ways though I hardly feel as if I'm married. Because we live with his family and don't have our own home, I often feel like I'm just on vacation here or something. It doesn't really feel like I've made a home yet. Overall I still feel like a newlywed. I still get goosebumps around him. I'm still happiest snuggled up with him. In fact that's pretty much how we've spent the entire 4 day weekend, snuggled up together. He's been sick with a sinus cold (both of us have) but he's been so sweet and loving and good to me. I just feel really lucky to have him as a husband.

Life is good. I'm loved and that's all I really need. :) I'm looking forward to the new year.

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