Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Motivation

 I walked today, which wasn't in my plan but things change. I'd planned to walk M-F for an hour each day with weekend off. But last night my husband got his blood test results back from his physical and so today I drug him with me for a walk.

Guess who has extremely high cholesterol? Looking at the two of us side by side, you'd obviously pick me; the 5ft 5 300+ pound woman. You would not pick my lean, fit 6 ft tall 178lbs husband. But my cholesterol is just borderline at 206. My husband's is at 286. The doctor sounded rather concerned but decided that he'd give my husband 3 months to make lifestyle changes before putting him on medication. He's got to lower his cholestrol by 86 points or more. WOW. Talk about a new motivation for me.  I know that it's up to me to try and get us both on the right track.  What I won't do for my own health, I'd definitely do for my husbands.  So, exercise and healthy eating here we come!!!!

Which is why he went with me for my walk today. Unfortunately, my walking speed is quite a bit slower than his speed so he didn't get a work out, but it was an extra hour of movement for him which can't be a bad thing. We'll need to find an activity that he and I can do that will get his heart rate up as well. Maybe he can jog slowly next to me or something. We'd like to be able to exercise together, to keep eachother motivated. Actually, walking with him was excellent for me because I made a little more effort to keep my speed up. Of course it's also a tiny bit frustrating too. At one point I was puffing and sweating along, I look over and my slim fit hubby is having some kind of zen moment, strolling along smiling with his eyes closed listening to music not even glistening  or vaguelly looking like he's working out. When we got home I checked my pedometer and I'd actually walked faster with him than I have any other time during the week: 3.5 miles in one hour! Yay me. I'm going to try and get him to walk with me or bicycle with me in the evenings as well as weekends. Plus still do my own solo work out.
The doctors said we both need to make real lifestyle changes to improve our health (mine for weight, his for cholesterol) and for me it's finally sunk in. I want my husband here a very long time.  I've got to create a healthier lifestyle for the both of us.

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