Friday, January 25, 2008

An Idyllic Reverie.....

That's what I feel I'm living sometimes. I still feel like I'm a newlywed on my honeymoon most of the time. Sure, I get frustrated on a regular basis by our living situation and I daydream about having our own home and a "grown up" life but ultimately I know that this time we have now is a gift to be treasured. It is an idyllic reverie. I'm not out working in the world, we don't have a home and the responsibilities that go with it. We aren't really caught up in the hectic rat race of daily life. We're coc00ned in this little bubble together where the only thing that really matters is the two of us and being together. I am so MADLY in love with John. I feel as if I could burst with it. He is everything to me, so perfect even in his imperfections. I love everything about him, even the things that sometimes drive me nuts. I am so utterly overwhelmed with thankfulness that he is mine. Someday I know that we will have a different kind of life, more hectic, more responsibilities and I just hope that even when I'm caught up in all that life business that I hold on to the amazing love I have for him, the joy I feel when we cuddle, and the thankfulness that fills me now. I never want to lose or forget these feelings and this time in our life together.

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