Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a wonderful 35th b-day!!

      I'm home from Avalon and it was an absolutely wonderful birthday vacation! We got to completely relax and enjoy time together. We just wandered around the town taking photos and eating for 3 days. My wonderful husband signed us up for an island bus tour and for a semi submersible submarine ride to feed fish in the harbor. We had a gorgeous hotel room with an ocean view (and a jacuzzi tub that I thoroughly enjoyed!) . We also took a tour of the wonderful Avalon Casino (not a gambling casino but an art deco ballroom & theater). Along with a bunch of wonderful gifts, my husband also took me for a psychic reading something I've always wanted to try and it was incredible too. I'll write more about all of this soon. Unfortunately I don't have much time to write about anything in depth.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for another 5-6 days. We're heading up to Grass Valley California for the Draft Horse Classic; a great horse show featuring BIG draft horses particularly friesians and belgians. If I'm lucky there will be a gypsy horse or two (my favorite horse breed).  My husband is really the horse person in our family but I've learned to love them too. It was devastating to us when we lost our horse to cholic last year. Hopefully we'll get another in a few years. I'm looking forward to the show and to exploring the towns in the area as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains. By the end of this month I'm going to have about 6,000 photos to go through and edit. We've done so much travelling lately.

The only slight downside of our trip is that we may run into my husband's ex girlfriend. She's very active in the horse circuit and has a side business braiding the horse manes/tails for shows. Normally she works hunters/jumpers so I was a bit surprised to see her across the arena when we went to the Draft horse show last year. Luckily we didn't actually come face to face with eachother so that awkwardness was avoided then, but it's quite likely that she'll be there again this year and thus I may run into her.  The thought of running into her isn't an issue for my husband. He ended that relationship (which was quite crappy & emotionally empty) and in fact didn't even recognize her last year.  He couldn't care less that she may be there and I doubt has given it any thought at all. I did mention it once and he said he'd love to be able to show me off to her and other old acquaintances. Still, it makes me a bit uncomfortable purely on a vanity issue.  I've never met his ex but saw photographs & then saw her in person. She's quite beautiful, and more importantly THIN. Who wants to be introduced to their husband's ex girlfriend when they are a cow and she's  gorgeous & thin. Ninety percent of the time I don't allow these thoughts to cross my mind and I focus on how much fun we're going to have, but once in awhile I get to comparing myself and feeling a bit down & embarrassed by my weight. My husband thinks I"m amazing and superior to every other woman so I don't feel jealous in that sense. It's all just a vanity issue. I'm afraid of being judged for my weight and embarrassed that it reflects badly on my husband. Silly of me, but still a little niggling thought in the back of my head. Grrrrr, I wish I thought I was as terrific as my husband does.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. AGain I'll be away for awhile. I'll update as soon as I get back, probably next Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry I haven't been able to visit many journals and leave comments. Things will settle down soon and I'll have plenty of time to get back into the groove of things and to get back on the good health bandwagon.

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