Sunday, September 30, 2007

Family Crisis

We had to come home early from our Grass Valley vacation and cancel our trip to Phoenix to see the skating show. My husband's father suffered an Aortic aneurysm and went through a 9+ hr  highly invasive and dangerous surgery. He's currently in the cardiac intensive care unit at our local hospital. He's stable but very very weak. His recovery is hampered even more by the fact that he has quite bad asthma. Other than the asthma he was a pretty healthy and active 78 (guessing, he doesn't admit his age :) ) year old before this happened so he has a strong constitution and his own personal strong will and stuborness on his side . Although everything is being taken day by day I think the doctors are optimistic that he will recover from this.  We're spending most of our time at the hospital right now. I'll update here when I can. 

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