Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthday surprises?

Hmmm, I think my husband may be up to something for my birthday this weekend. We were talking about the desks we just bought at Plummer's which should arrive this weekend and he mumbled something about not being here this weekend and having to pick them up on Tuesday. He shut up quickly and since my Birthday is on Saturday I didn't pursue the topic in case it had something to do with my birthday. I like surprises and don't want to ruin anything. Of course he could have just meant we'd be too busy to pick it up because normally his family does have a little b-day get together but I just have a feeling he's planning something else. Not getting my hopes up though. Whatever we do, even if it's staying home and cuddling while watching videos, will be great. I just enjoy spending time with him.

UGH, I'm going to be 35 on Saturday. I think I can hear the faint ticking of my biological clock ;) 

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