Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing much to write about

I'm sitting here at my super cluttered and uber tiny desk from 1932 and drinking ice water from a 64 oz cup bought at am/pm (purchased over the weekend & formerly filled with a naughty but rare treat for me, Root Beer). I must say I prefered the root beer, but having sworn off drinking sodas & sugar drinks at the beginning of the year I won't be getting another root beer treat for many many moons, if ever.  I really don't miss the soda and I do feel much better not consuming caffeine or carbonation, along with all the other nasty chemicals hidden under the sugary goodness of the corn syrup. Problem is, I'm not getting enough hydration. Generally I consume one small cup of juice a day and perhaps half a cup of water. I doubt I get even 1/4th the amount of water I should be getting and my body is turning into the Sahara. So that's why I saved my 64 oz mega drink cup (yay for me, I'm recycling!) to use daily as a means of monitoring my water intake. Goal is to consume all 64 ounces of water every morning or afternoon while I'm browsing the internet. Should be doable. Or so I hope. I've never been much of a water drinker. I've been addicted to Pepsi since it was slipped into my bottle before I could walk. Apparently pepsi was one of my first words. I have a scar on my hand from a Pepsi accident when I was two. While trying to climb up stairs while carrying a glass Pepsi bottle I dropped the bottle & somehow managed to slash open the palm of my hand on the shattered glass while trying to save my  favorite delicious nectar of the gods. So, drinking water doesn't exactly come naturally to me but it's just one of those things I've got to buckle down and DO. I'm quite tired, lethargic, and headachey on a regular basis and perhaps part of the reason for this is dehydration (or so I hope. I'd hate to think I'm just a lazy git who happens to have lots of headaches). 

Diet isn't going well, which is why I'm not even bothering to write a formal weigh in. I did weigh and it hasn't budged an ounce one way or the other. I know I've gone over my 1600 calorie a day limit a few times, mainly on weekends, but I haven't gone over by THAT much or had any really big binge eating episodes or anything so not losing is frustrating. I guess I'm going to just have to accept the fact that I absolutely, positively MUST exercise or I will never ever loose weight. I'm just too sedentary. It's either start exercising or drop my calorie intake down to something extraordinarily low and I just don't want to have to starve. I watched an episode of FAT MARCH and was amazed at how much weight they were losing in just 3 weeks of walking. A couple of the women had lost close to twenty pounds in 3 weeks I think.  I've never topped more than a 10 lb weight loss for a month so that really impresses me.  I need to set some sort of goal like that, say walk or bike 100 miles in a month or something.  Having a goal like that might motivate me. When I was heavily into exercising I had two main goals every day: 500 situps and 50 miles on the stationary bike. That's what I did each and every night  for 3 hrs, from the age of 15 to 18. It was an obsession. While I don't want to go down that (obsessive) road again. I would like to set some reasonably challenging exercise goals. For some reason numbers appeal to me, they feel more concrete than saying I just want to complete an exercise tape each day. Maybe I should just make some kind of exercise chart where I can record repetitions of exercise moves that I do. Might make me feel more like I'm accomplishing something. Things to think about.

By the way, has anyone used the MegaYoga book or the Just My size yoga dvd with Megan Garcia? I glanced through the book yesterday at Barnes & noble and have been thinking about buying the DVD.

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