Friday, August 3, 2007

Mood Change :)

Woke up this morning and the funk I was in yesterday has passed, thank goodness.  There's nothing like a decent meal, shopping, and a good nights sleep to improve your general disposition.

Yesterday evening we went out for my husband's hair cut (he looks adorable) and then had dinner at P.F Chang's at the mall nearby. I was proud of myself that I didn't over eat.  Then we wandered around the mall a bit. I needed some bath soap and we headed to Bath & Body Works which was having a great sale on their Aromatherapy shower gels ($5 a bottle instead of the usual $15).  My husband got himself some massage oil too since he loves backrubs (& usually gets one every night, he's kinda spoiled :) ). I thought we'd leave the mall at that point but then he led me to the makeup counter at Nordstroms .  Never in my life have I bought makeup anywhere but Wal-Mart (not counting the Sheer Coverage mineral makeup I got online a couple of times. Good stuff by the way) .  I've always been too poor and too thrifty to spend alot of money on makeup.  Even after getting married and having my hubby encourage me to spend more on myself I couldn't bring myself to step up to one of those counters and try anything out.  I'm just intimidated by those perfectly made up sales girls and the fact that I  just know nothing at all about their products.  Apparently though, my husband had had enough of my thrift store makeup, particularly the cover girl pressed powder compact that I've been carrying around & using for the last several months even though it's broken in half and I had to tape the mirror back on to it (hey, it was still half full. It would have been wasteful to buy a new one!).  So, with no choice left to me I was ushered to the Lancome counter, plopped down and had a lovely woman smearing foundation on me. Ten minutes later (& three compliments to my skin, which left me giddy) I left the store with Lancome color ideal foundation and a dual finish pressed powder compact, as well as a bunch of free gift samples of eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara. Soon I'm gonna be all fancy! :)

As a side note, walking through the mall and seeing myself reflected in every shiny surface is certainly a motivator. I really hate looking so huge. I should force myself to go there three times a week just to walk & be reminded by my reflection just why I'm doing this.  I'm honest (and superficial) enough to admit that although I really want to be healthy, the biggest driving force behind my trying to loose weight is because I'm absolutely disgusted with always feeling awkward, huge, & out of place in a world full of skinnier people. I'm sick of being one of the fattest people in the room. I just want to look normal and nicely groomed.

We're going to Big Bear this weekend so I won't be on line again until Monday. Gotta be extra careful to eat light & healthy while we're out of town.

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