Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where to begin

Here we go again... Well, today I'm (re)starting  my diet. After about two months of being more off than on my diet, I'm beginning again. Mainly this has been inspired by the feeling that I'm starting to gain back the weight I lost the first month of my diet, (not gonna step on a scale right now to see if I'm gaining. I'm on my period and retaining water massively. No sense in sending myself into a huge binge, which is what would probably happen if I stepped on the scale and saw a massive weight gain) I've got a lot of ideas stirring around inside my head about how to accomplish this weight loss caper, but they haven't formulated themselves into a clear cut plan as yet. This is what I know for sure:

1). I want this journey to focus on BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. I need to have balance and fulfillment in all of these areas in order to truly conquer my weight issues permanently.

2) I have got to work on improving my self-esteem. The more I like myself, the better I will take care of myself. If I feel worthless, then what's going to stop me from eating crap all day, never exercising, and becoming a hermit?

3) Exercise must be my new best friend (key to the body, mind , spirit balance. Exercise improves all three)

4) I have to stop putting things off and start doing them. CARPE DIEM!! and this doesn't just apply to getting healthy.

5) Being inconsistent is my greatest weakness. I have to start a routine and then STICK WITH IT every single day.

By August 1st I hope to have a daily routine/master plan to follow, until then I am going to religiously track my calorie intake and keep it below 1600 calories and concentrate on drinking more water because I'm seriously dehydrated and have been forever. Just little steps I know, but it will be a start towards the massive life overhaul I want to make.

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