Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend review

My husband is home sick from work today. Normally I don't post when he's at home, but today he's being quite a grump and we need our space :). So, I thought I'd just pop on here and give a little update about my weekend.

I'm not thrilled with my eating choices this weekend, but I still did SOO much better than I usually would. Saturday was really the worst. I'm fairly sure I went over my calorie intake. My husband decided to ask his sister to go with us to the new Harry Potter movie and they both wanted to eat at Wingnuts, which is beside the theater. I swear, there isn't a single healthy item on their menu. Even the salads are extremely fattening. They do serve Boca Burgers but of course they were out of them on Saturday so I ended up eating buffallo chicken nachos :(. Not a great choice. Delicious, but I don't even want to estimate the calories. The only thing that  kept me from completely beating myself up about eating them is that they were the only thing I ate all day.

Sunday was kind of similar to Saturday. My husband decided he really wanted to go to our favorite italian place.  I ate bread sticks & a tiny amount of cheese tortellini. I don't feel too badly about that. I ate a very small portion of everything. Even though I didn't eat much of it, I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day so it was my only meal.  I felt slightly guilty at 'wasting' most of my meal and only eating a tiny bit of it, but I was quite full and didn't need to eat more.

So, even though I wasn't able to be as strict with my dieting as I'd hoped to be I still feel pretty good. Normally I would have gobbled down big meals at those restaurants, probably had at least one other meal, and a baskin robbins sundae or something equally fattening. I didn't over eat or give myself license to free graze all weekend so I'm proud of myself. 

I'm still feeling very focused & committed. If only I could maintain this feeling of control I know I could get the weight off for good.

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