Friday, July 20, 2007

Mistress of the Dark

Last Friday my husband and I did something rather fun. We heard on the morning news that Fox Reality was doing an open casting call for people who wanted to compete to be a 'handmaiden' for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.  I grew up watching her as a kid and my husband has been a huge fan of hers since before she got famous and first appeared on public access tv .  I thought it would be fun to go to the casting call to take photos of the contestants (& possibly Elvira, if she were to appear).  The added bonus was that the casting call was being held on the Queen Mary  in Long Beach. We both LOVE the Queen Mary and will take any excuse to visit it or stay onboard. So I booked us a room with a view and off we went, cameras in hand, to enjoy an overnight stay & watch the fun of the casting call. And it really was fun. The registration for contestant was just outside the ship so after we got settled into our room we found a good spot to watch all the Elvira wannabes arrive. I've never seen so many gorgeous twentysomething goth girls in my life. For a few minutes I wished I'd dressed up myself, just for fun, but then we grabbed seats outside the room where the producers & Elvira were doing the interviews. A film crew was doing pre-interviews with the girls and we got to see just how nervous & scared they were. Not for a million dollars would I want to put myself through that sort of scrutiny. It's hard enough to have your talent judged, but to have someone judging your looks & personality takes a level of confidence (or masochism) that I don't possess. It gave me a whole new appreciation for struggling young actors. I could never do what they do. Anyway, just before we were getting ready put our cameras away and go to dinner, we stepped back outside for a few more crowd shots & low and behold, Elvira appeared to do some interviews sitting on the car they used in several of her movies. We rushed down and played papparazi, snapping photos like mad. She's not easy to get decent photos of because she is constantly moving, making faces, and wiggling about. I don't think she was still for a half second. We each managed to get a few good photos though and it was exciting to see her. She's still cool. I can't imagine anyone being able to ever fill her shoes.

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