Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Irritating book

I'm reading a book that I don't much like. Unfortunately for me, once I start a book it will drive me nuts if I don't finish it. The plot line is fine I guess for a romance novel, an overweight woman in a loveless marriage finally grows a backbone & kicks out her cheating husband who married her only for her money, that same night she wins the lottery & because she doesn't want to share any more money with him she hides it, trouble ensues.The book irritates me because the conversations between the characters are SOO stilted & insincere that I find myself rolling my eyes. But Most of all though I'm really really irritated by how the writer keeps describing this woman as extraordinarily BIG; giant rolls of fat, basically a wale whom everyone comment supon as being huge. As the character starts to lose weight she is all excited to go shopping in a normal department store because for 3 years she's only bought her clothes through catalogs because regular stores just don't have ANYTHING in her size. So of course I'm thinking this woman is probably around my size, pushing the very high 20's in size at least.  Guess what, she's a size 16/18 when she begins her diet.  It completely infuriated me. My sister is that size and isn't fat at all. When I was that size I  looked pretty great and was quite healthy, exercising regularly & able to do 100 sit ups at a time. According to this novel though a size 16/18 means you qualify for a muumuu & should be in a side show circus. And this novel is a former best seller from a well known author. GRRRRRRRRR Is it any wonder we learn to hate our bodies when novels like this tell us we're disgusting cows for being a size 16? :( Apparently, unless your clothes size is a single digit  you should be taken out back & shot because you're too hideous to live. Ridiculous

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