Monday, July 16, 2007

Discovering new loves

To continue my theme from an early post about clothing making you feel better about yourself, I've been paying more attention to what makes me happy and I've discovered that I love pretty socks, the more unique or oddly patterned the better. All of my life I have worn utiliterian sport type socks but when I went shopping for the fourth of july outfit I also bought a pair of trouser socks with large embroidered lady bugs on them. The minute they slid over my feet I was in love. I have never had a love affair with my feet before so this was quite a novel feeling. Every time I looked at my feet clad in those ladybug socks I just had to smile and feel happy. To see if this was just a passing phase I went out over the weekend and bought 5! new pairs of socks, all with patterns or pretty colors or fun designs. Guess what? I LOVE THEM TOO. It turns out I have a passion for silly socks. Not exactly the most mature & classy fashion choice I know, but again guess what? I don't care. I don't care if anyone else thinks they are silly. I don't care if I'm too old to wear hello kitty or cherry patterned socks. They make me happy and I'm going with that. Maybe it will be my new signature look . Perhaps I shall stop wearing shoes all together so that my cute socks can really stand out. It will be a new trend :)

Seriously though, I do think that it's really important to embrace the things that make you feel good & to find happiness in the small stuff. Life is simply to short to go through it worrying what others may think or waiting until your life is just perfect before you start doing the things you enjoy. I dare you to really look at your life, find some little thing you really enjoy and embrace it. Preferably something you've held back from because you worry what others will think or are waiting until you lose 10 pounds or find the perfect man or have the great career before you'll allow yourself to do it. It's alot of fun to be nice to yourself. Who cares what anyone else thinks?!

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