Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day two

Well, I survived the first day of my diet. It went fine really. No cravings or desire to gobble down everything in sight. We had errands to run last night so we ended up eating at Subway. I got the footlong veggie delight without cheese or any kind of dressing so I know it was pretty healthy and only about  500 calories. Instead of the usual pink lemonade I got orange juice. I don't want any empty calories and if I'm going to drink something it needs to have some benefit to my body (vitamins). I completely avoided the chips & cookies I would have usually gotten to go with my sandwich. After dinner we took our behemoth truck to the car wash and spent twenty minutes scrubbing it down. I've been a complete lazy bum the past week and a half, hardly leaving my computer chair for anything, so it felt really good to be  moving around and stretching. After washing the truck we headed home. My husband asked if I wanted to go to baskin robbins (he knew today was my first day back on the diet and was testing me, the bum . Had I said yeah, lets head to baskins he'd have strangled me :) ). I was a good girl and immediately said no. Cool thing is that I wasn't even vaguely tempted by the thought. It didn't have any appeal. I think that means I'm really ready to start over again on this diet thing.  I believe that 90% of dieting is mental. You have to be mentally ready or you don't stand a chance. All in all I ate about 1400 calories yesterday. I went to bed around 11 pm and was feeling pretty hungry at that point. Maybe I should have eaten a little protein or something during the day.

This morning I woke up with a migraine around 10 o'clock. I also felt (& still feel to a lesser degree) very shaky and jittery, even light headed. I don't know what's causing it. Maybe sugar/junk food withdrawal? Or maybe I just didn't eat enough yesterday. Around 11:30 I ate an apple and two cups of plain cheerios with a cup of milk and some of the jittery, light headed feeling left. I'm planning to eat a lean cuisine dinner, an ear of fresh corn, and fruit for dinner. As for exercise, I'm going to do 15-20 minutes of stretching exercises. It's been too long since I've done even a little bit of activity. I want to take the first few days slow and just stretch out my muscles and let my body get use to the idea that I plan to move it around a bit.

I know this has all got to be pretty boring to read, but I think I need to use this journal as a place of accountability, as well as a place to work out my issues/thoughts on food, weight, self improvement,etc. I'm planning to start posting daily during the week as a way to force myself to stick to my diet/improvement plan. Hopefully I'll find more interesting things to say than just my calorie intake/exercise plans but even if I don't I'm going to still sit down each day and write something. Weekends will probably still be down time for me. That's my hubby time :)

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