Monday, June 11, 2007

Review of my weekend and a bit of whineyness

 (quote taken from an old ad
vertisement in an Oprah magazine years ago)

First off, I feel LOUSY, ROTTEN, CRAPPY today. Because of this, there won't be an update about my exercising (which I haven't been able to do today anyway since moving makes me  nauseous. I don't know if it's food poisoning, more likely it's just my stomach rebeling because I ate very odd combinations of food yesterday (pickle, chocolate pudding, cheddar cheee stick, & peach juice anyone?). I absolutely, positively know that I can not eat such weird food combinations. My digestive system can't handle it the way that it did when I was 20, or even 30. So why do I do it? Maybe it's rebellion. Defiance against my body, against aging, against having to follow any kind of rules. Whatever it is, it's STUPID and I must stop this asap. I'm tired of feeling rotten every few weeks because I stupidly refuse to accept that being healthy requires following rules. No more instant gratification, do whatever the heck I want days of gastronomical experimentation. Just because I can eat odd food combinations & find them quite tasty doesn't mean that I SHOULD.  I'm declaring that as of today, this will STOP. NO MORE. I'VE HAD IT.

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Despite my lousy food choices yesterday, which I am now paying for, I had a WONDERFUL weekend. The husband and I spent the day in two of my favorite beach towns, San Clemente and Laguna Beach. I adore Del Mar street in San Clemente because to me it feels a bit European and bohemian with little cafes and boutiques and all the shop keepers seem to know eachother and chat from their front  stoop.  We were there for the annual antique car show though so it didn't quite have the same feel. The street was closed to traffic and filled with more than a hundred cars and about 50,000 people. We went mainly to get photographs, which we did in abundance. After spending the morning in San Clemente we headed to Laguna Beach and wandered through the art galleries and trendy shops before we settled on a bench for cuddling and canoodling  on the board walk beside the beach. It was generally a lovely wonderful day. Tomorrow should also be pretty wonderful (hopefully I'll feel better). MY husband took a vacation day from work and we'll be going to Disneyland. We've had season passes for the past few years and love going there. We got engaged under the Princess Castle so the place has alot of sentimental value to us. They are opening a new submarine ride that everyone has been waiting forever for. Should be fun.

Here are a couple of photos of yesterday:

A very quick, spontaneous photo taken on reflex as these girls passed right beside me. I thought they looked so cute and had to have a photo. They reminded me of my own teenage years!

Not particularly a great shot, but I loved the paint job on this car, and my husband is in the background taking a photo :).

Just a crowd shot so you can see how packed full of people it was.

Hotel San Clemente. It's actually an apartment building now and I'd love to live there, it's right on Del Mar and such a fun, funky building. For some reason it always makes me think of the EAgles song Hotel California.

Laguna beach, shot from the board walk. Right in the heart of downtown.

One of the things I love about Californians is that they march to the beat of their own drums. This bird rides around town on the handlebars of his owners bicycle, and loves it.  I don't think anyone back in my little hometown would think of bicycling around town with their parrot but it certainly makes life more interesting.

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