Friday, June 15, 2007

Let's get physical

I've been meaning to write about  exercising and making a plan for healthful eating and self improvement but as usual it's something I've been procrastinating over, mainly because I've been VERY hit or miss with eating right. Exercising has actually been a bit better for me. I've managed to work out 3 days a week for the last two weeks.  I haven't lost any weight but yesterday I went out and bought a new pair of jeans and I've dropped a jean size. Last time I bought this same brand of jeans they were a size 28 and barely fit. The new jeans I just bought are a size 26 and fit comfortably so I'm pleased. Even though I haven't dropped any weight obviously I'm improving my body shape a bit and getting smaller. Exercise is still something I have to force myself to do but honestly I feel better when I exercise. I feel like I breathe more deeply and clearly. I'm sore sore sore though :). So far I've only been doing the 20 minute Walk Away the Pounds video. I actually do like it because the movements are quite simple but effective. I feel it in my legs right away. The knee lifts just kick my butt! I am SOOOOO out of shape. I really enjoy the front leg kicks though. Maybe once I've gotten into a bit better shape (and have more room for working out) I'll look into getting kickboxing videos. Along with doing the walking video I also do 50 side twists, 15 sit ups, and a couple of other floor exercises and stretches since I don't think the video works the stomach muscles enough.  Next week I'm going to start doing my yoga video as well. I'll let you know how that goes. I feel so guilty for allowing myself to get so out of shape. A year ago I was fairly active. I spent every morning at the stable walking, grooming, and cleaning the stall of our horse. I also did a lot more walking around town. Then our horse got cholic and died. I'd lost my grandmother and two of my Uncles just previous to losing our horse and I guess I got fairly depressed. I just withdrew from most things, stayed in our little room, watched tv and sat at the computer. NOT HEALTHY. Now I've got to start from scratch. I have no muscle tone. It amazes me that I manage to do all the active walking we do on the weekend because during the week I'm a slug. I have to change that.

I've decided that exercise is the key to getting healthy for me. As hard as I know it's going to be, I have to create a more active lifestyle for myself and I have to incorporate exercise into each day. I want to be strong, not just thin. I want to be able to go hiking in rugged terrain to get photographs, or be able to climb giant hills or big flights of stairs in order to see the view.  I want my body to move smoothly and to feel supple. I've dieted successfully many times in my life, losing 20 lbs here or there, 50 lbs, and even 100 lbs (went from 320 to 220 in 2003) but I've always ALWAYS ended up putting the weight back on. Dieting isn't a big deal once I make up my mind to do it, but maintaining the weight losses NEVER worked and I think it's because I was inactive, sedentary. I didn't change my lifestyle so I couldn't maintain the weight loss. So, this time will be different. EXERCISE shall rule.  I'm taking baby steps in that direction now.

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