Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Starting over, again

Well, I'm back from my 5 days of bad eating, ready to start over yet again.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I spent an extra long weekend in Arizona. My husband and I went there with his parents to celebrate the 90th birthday of our sister-in-law's father. As I side trip we decided to visit Sedona as well since I'd heard that it's a lovely, artsy town. I wasn't disappointed. Sedona was very lovely and filled with wonderful shops. My husband said it was Laguna Beach without the ocean, and that's a pretty good discription. Lots of boutiques and galleries, very charming, and all in the shadow of gorgeous red rock formations. This wasn't really a trip meant to be about taking photographs and I didn't get very many good shots. We were mainly in the car and since we were traveling with my in laws (who are in their 80's) and using their car, we couldn't do any hiking or off road driving to find interesting viewpoints to take photographs. My husband and I  want to go back  to Sedona someday in order to get better photos. We had a very nice trip. It was great to spend extra time with my in- laws. Sedona was gorgeous and well worth the visit, but all in all, my husband and I both agree that we LOATHE the desert. Absolutely hate it with a passion. Don't get me wrong. I can see incredible beauty within the desert. It's stunning. But I hate the heat and dryness. It's like being inside a furnace. My skin is dry and chapped, and I hate that. Also, it gets monotonous and dull driving through tthe desert. You can go for an hour or more at a time without seeing anything except rocks and a few cactus. I enjoy the area around the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and love the indian reservation, but the majority of Arizona does nothing for me. I hope I haven't offended anyone that lives in that area. I'm sure there are great aspects to living in Arizona, but it's not for me. I need to be somewhere with a bit of moisture! :)

The dieting/ taking care of myself plan went utterly out the window the past 5 days and I know I've gained back at least half of what I lost last month (though I think it's mostly water weight). My father in law likes to eat every few hours. So we ate in restaurants about 4 times a day, and at each place he encouraged us all to eat full meals. Even though I didn't want it, I ate. And ate. And ate. My body didn't want it. My mind kept saying, don't do this. And yet I kept putting the food in my mouth. I don't know if I was just rebelling, or giving into pressure and trying to be a people pleaser, or what was going on but that's the way it was. I ate too much. Now I have to start over, from scratch. It's disappointing to me that I didn't handle this situation better, but you live and learn, hopefully doing the best you can at the time. Moving on :)

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