Friday, May 4, 2007

End of my first month

Starting weight: 305.6 lbs. (April 4, 2007)
Weight at last weigh in: 294.5lbs.
Weight today: 292.0
Weight lost during the last week: -2.5 lbs
Total weight loss for April: -13.6 lbs

Two days ago I fell from grace and started eating some unhealthy things. Today I'm feeling utterly hideous. For the last two days I've made very unhealthy food choices: low quality foods, salty, fatty, lots of sugar, basically all junk food. I haven't overeaten but nothing of nutritional value has passed my lips in three days and I'm really feeling it, even though it hasn't affected my weight loss because I've stayed within my calorie range.  As I've said before though, I'm not doing this just to lose the weight. I really want to feel healthy, and the things I've eaten recently have made me feel very sluggish, bloated, and awful. Not to mention it's given me a migraine. Well, I've learned my lesson at last. I won't be doing this again. Even eating small amounts of bad foods can make me feel lousy.  My body wants nice vegetables and grains. It doesn't want salt, fat, and processed sugars. It's that simple. Now I've got to deal with the "withdrawal" symptoms from eating those icky foods. I know the cravings will probably be rough for the next couple of days but I'll just have to push through it. I am determined never to feel gross like this again. What you put in your body really does affect how you feel and who you are. I've heard this for years but know I'm a firm believer.

Yay for me! Even though I'm feeling lousy today, I am still celebrating my 13.6 lbs lost!!! That's 3 lbs more than my 10 pound goal for the month. Now I've only got to continue this for about 16 months and I'll be the person I've always wanted to be :).  It sounds a bit overwhelming to think it will take a year and a half to complete my goal, but I can do it. Actually though, my goal will never be completed because this isn't about just surviving the 16 months, achieving my weight loss, and going back to my old habits. This has to be a lifelong lifestyle change. I want to live as healthily as I can for the rest of my life.

May is going to be about exercising for me. I've been doing a little walking recently but now it's time to up the ante so to speak. I dug out the exercise videos I bought 4 years ago and barely used. I'm going to start off with them and then add a few more exercise dvd's that have been suggested to me recently.  The videos I have right now are :  Yoga conditioning for weight loss with suzanne deason, walk away the pounds with leslie sansone, and two fat burning belly dance for beginners videos. I plan to use one video every day, plus continue the bit of walking I've already begun. I'm also going to dig my bicycle out of the garage and begin riding at least 3 times a week. That's my plan.

Goals for May:
Loose 10 more pounds
Eat only healthy foods, 1500 calories
Drink more water
Exercise 20-30 minutes every day

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