Thursday, May 10, 2007

Busy bee

Lots and lots of random thoughts. So little time :)  I'm in the middle of studying for finals as well as writing two papers for school. That's my excuse for not updating much this week. I probably won't have much time to post until the middle of next week. But then I'll be back with a vengence :).

I was feeling pretty great about my 13 pound weight loss for last month. Positively Euphoric actually. But I made a tragic error in judgement when my giddy little mind decided I should try on a few lovely shirts at the Boot Barn this weekend. I suppose my success at dieting overrode my common sense for a moment. In my head I know that even the biggest plus size western shirts at Boot Barn (which SAY they are a 3x, but are usually 2 sizes smaller than shirts anywhere else claiming to be that size) would not fit me. My hopefull heart refused to believe what my common sense, and my eyes, were telling me and I trudged happily into the changing room only to have my spirits crushed when the last few buttons on each shirt refused to close. It was particularly painful because I absolutely adored one of the shirts which was an amazing sky blue embrodiered delicately with golden leaves that had a tiny bit of sparkle. It looked absolutely FABULOUS with my complexion and hair color, but the stupid shirt REFUSED to button over my hips/tummy. It wasn't even close. Had it been just too tight, I probably would have bought it anyway and happily  worked very hard to loose weight and make it comfortable. But for this shirt to fit I'd have needed to lose an extra 25 lbs asap. I didn't want it sitting in my dresser drawer taunting me, so back it went to the racks of clothes. Then I stomped around the store grumbling miserably while my husband bought his tiny waisted, SLIM FIT jeans. Evil man.  And to make matters worse, adorable 115 pound nubile 19 year olds kept asking me if I needed any help. I wanted to say yes, stock some things that fit REAL WOMEN and then go eat a brownie. Grr. It completely shot a hole in my happiness balloon. I'm over it now, but it made my Saturday less than stellar.

I've been angelically good on my diet this week. I'm trying to eat even less than my 1500 calories each day, usually averaging about 1000. I'm trying to eat so little because I'm expecting a VERY BAD weekend. The lovely hubby and I are attending a 90th birthday party for one of his family members at a casino in Arizona. We are making the 6+hr car drive with his parents, who tend to need to eat every 4 hrs or so and LOVE to eat at any and every cheap fast food restaurant they find on the side of the road. Then there will be the big banquet dinner at the hotel/casino. And we'll be making this an extra long weekend so that we can do some sight seeing at either the Grand Canyon or Sedona, so we'll be eating in restaurants for 4 days straight. I will not overeat, and I'm not eating ANY junk or fast food having learned my lesson on that front recently. But I know I will be tempted to eat 'bad' things like pasta and bread or steak while we're in the nicer restaurants. I don't want to feel completely deprived and miserable on a trip that is supposed to be fun so I will just try and make the healthiest choices I can. That's why I'm conserving my calories now (and trying to shrink my tummy a little so I will feel full with less food).  I also won't be getting any exercise since we'll be in a car most of the time. Even though it may be a bit of a blow to my diet/exercise routine I'm still looking forward to it. We leave Friday and won't be home until Tuesday.

So, that's what's up in my little world. How's everything in yours?

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