Monday, May 21, 2007

Bright Shiney Day

In reality it's a rather gloomy, gray and chilly day here in normally sunny southern california but I'm feeling very upbeat and chipper, so I have declared that it shall be a bright shiny day regardless of how uncooperative the sun is actually being. It's Monday morning and I'm feeling ready to really start fresh and get back on track. Since the all you can eat Sedona trip a week ago I've been pretty dodgy about eating healthy, one day being good and the next being horribly bad. My mindset just wasn't in it I guess. And half the battle is being ready mentally/emotionally, at least for me. But today is a fresh new day and I'm feeling it again. Feeling ready to get down to business, or back to business as the case may be. So here is my progress update, sadly recording my first little weight gain since starting this journey.

Starting weight: 305.6 lbs. (April 4, 2007)
Weight at last weigh in: 292.0
Weight today: 295.0
Weight lost during the last week: +3 lbs :(
I've gained 3 lbs.

Ugh, it's soooo not fun to have to record a weight gain. Especially since I know exactly how hard it was to loose those 3 lbs in the first place, and how proud I was to have lost the total of 13 lbs for last month. This month will not show such a great loss. If I'm really lucky I can hope to lose the pounds I've gained and maybe a pound or two more, though all I'm concerned with really is losing the 3 I've gained. I've only got about 10 days left in this month, so even losing the 3 lbs will be tough.

Because I'm in such an excellent, conquer the world mood I thought I might hop on the bicycle my husband bought me 2 years ago that I never touched and tool around the neighborhood a bit. Do bicycles have a weight limit? GRRRR, I climbed on the bicycle and the tires immediately felt completely flat. Though they seem like they have plenty of air in them. I'm thinking maybe I weigh too much to ride the bike. Can't find a tire pump to try adding more air. Guess I'll leave the bike riding for another time and try to use my Walk away the pounds exercise video.  I really really really really MUST start exercising. It's the biggest hurdle for me to cross but I know that if I really want to get this weight off, change my body and my lifestyle permanantly then I have to exercise.

So, that's what I plan to do today. WALK AWAY THE POUNDS. Ohh, if only it were that easy. I'd start walking towards Missouri and by the time I reached my family for a visit I'd be skinny :). That's where I'm originally from by the way. I've never really done much of an introduction, so there is a little fact about myself. I lived most of my life in a tiny town in Missouri and left it all behind to marry a California man. So far it's been a pretty good trade off, but I miss the family sometimes.

Okay, off to exercise. Then I need to finish laundry (laundry day, laundry day, yippee). After that I'm off to the store to pick up some vitamins (can't diet without vitamins!) and maybe some nice bath oil or something. See ya'll later!

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