Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Belly dancers

Since I haven't got anything interesting to say I thought I'd pounce on Luna B.'s suggestion and post a couple of photos I've taken recently at renaissance faires. Hopefully we'll get back to the one outside of L.A before it closes at the end of May and I'll be able to get more photographs.

This one frustrated me. Just as I took the photo she moved out of frame and I lost her hand! :(

I spent alot of time watching the belly dancers at the fair. Mostly because I liked their self confidence and acceptance of their bodies. There were quite a few of these girls that were quite "plump" but they were out there in the tummy exposing outfits just like the skinny girls, and they didn't seem the least bit self conscious. I loved that. And the world didn't end because they had thicker waists & were daring to show them off. In fact, most of them looked just as cute as the tiny girls. Unfortunately I didn't get any decent photos of the more junoesque girls. I always seemed to catch them at the moment they were making a funny face or awkward movement :(. Hopefully next time.

I bought myself some bellydancing exercise videos years ago but never even opened them. Maybe I need to dig them out too and have a look. Anything that makes me feel more accepting of my body would be a good thing.

By the way, where can I learn how to do the LJ cuts so I can hide pictures under them?

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