Monday, April 30, 2007

a wee bit hungry

Starving. Starving. Starving! Ugh, I didn't realize that my hunger level would go up with getting my period. I'm absolutely famished and struggling hard to not gorge myself on every bit of food in the house.I'm not craving anything in particular. I'm just very hungry. My stomach actually growled loudly enough that my husband heard it through the phone when he called me earlier!  I'm not giving in though. I will eat my normal amount of calories for the day and that is it.  I'm not going to get derailed right before my month end weigh in. By the way, that's why this entry isn't a weight update.  It will be a full month of dieting as of Thursday and I've decided not to weigh in until then. Besides, it wouldn't be an accurate weigh in today because I'm retaining a ton of water.

Not much to report on really. Had a lovely weekend with the husband, though we didn't do much other that visit hobby shops looking for fantasy miniatures to paint for the Dungeons and Dragons game. I'm glad I suggested that we play this game, even though I'm not really much of a game type person. It's given him a nice, fun hobby to focus on and help relieve some stress.  His job has gotten quite intense lately  and he needs an outlet for all that pressure.

I got a few treats myself while we were out shopping. We were in JoAnn's etc. looking for craft paint and I found 2 beaded necklaces that I liked (didn't know they actually sold finished jewelry) and then I found  3 pairs of earrings at Target. All cheap stuff, but pretty and sparkly. I tend to loose jewelry a lot anyway so inexpensive & pretty works for me. I'll take photos and post them tomorrow. They are my little treat for being good on my diet for a whole month.

Visiting the crafting and hobby stores has gotten me thinking about all the crafts I used to love to do. I may try my hand at a few of them again. I miss making things. Not that I was very talented at it, but it was fun to make a few pillows or do up a scrapbook. It's been nearly 3 years since I've done anything like that and I've missed it. The only creative outlet I've had recently has been my photography, but in the last few months I've even been lazy about doing that. Gotta get back into the creative spirit.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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