Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 3: Moving Forward

I've been on a juice fast. Today makes the 3rd day. It was recommended in several books & articles I'd read so I thought I'd give it a shot. I thought if nothing else, it would at least give me a feeling of being in control. I figured it would be a very short term goal to try and achieve and if I could stick with it I'd feel proud that I accomplished something. I was right. I do feel really good about sticking with it. It was harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday really sucked, to be frank. I'm kind of a random eater and there've been many days where I've gone without eating,or only ate one meal, so the first day really wasn't a big deal. By mid day yesterday though I was feeling pretty hideous. They say that a juice diet is suppose to flush out toxins and perhaps that's what I was going through because honestly I didn't feel all that hungry. I just felt like death. I had a pounding headache and felt like I was freezing to death despite the fact that I live in Southern California and it's pretty warm. Then I had a heat flash and started sweating like crazy. Ugh. It was horrid. But I survived. For 'dinner' I had my husband drive me to Jamba Juice and I got an all fruit drink  with a shot of protein(not one of the yogurt blends)  and I within an hour I felt better. Actually I felt better than I have in days and the feeling has continued today. I'm going to have another one of those jamba drinks for dinner tonight. Tonight is usually our pizza night and it's going to be hard watching my husband eat pizza while I have a little juice drink but I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for the challenge. I can't go around avoiding food situations and I just have to deal with it. I can't eat six slices of pizza. It's just that simple. I have to learn to eat just one piece. That will be a momentous achievement!  Not tonight though. Tonight I'm finishing off my first goal of sticking to this juice diet thing.  Tomorrow I start trying to eat smaller portions and choosing healthier options.  I'm trying hard to talk positively to myself. I really do believe that what you think affects your life.  You really are what you think, so to speak. So if I keep telling myself I can do it, eventually I will do it.

Anyway, I'm feeling exceptionally good. I feel lighter. I'm not bloated. My stomach is fairly empty but it's not a bad feeling. It's actually kind of nice. I hopped on the scale earlier and it did say I've lost 2 lbs. I know that it's just water weight, not real weight but that's okay with me. At least it's something. And most important of all:<b> I FEEL BETTER</b>, physically and emotionally. Honestly, even if I never lost a pound I'd be okay with just feeling this nice all the time.  <b>Is this what if feels like to take care of yourself?</b>

I may not update on weekends. Usually that is my hubby time and I don't get on line much. Will probably see you all on Monday with a new update. Hopefully another one saying how great I feel! :)

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