Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 13: Cruising Along

Starting weight: 305.6 lbs. (April 4, 2007)
Weight at last weigh in: 297.4 lbs April 9, 2007
Weight today: 296. 6 lbs
Weight lost during the last week: less than 1 lbs.
Total weight lost: 9 lbs lost in less than 2 weeks

I was quite depressed when I first stepped onto the scale this morning and saw that I'd lost less than a pound this week. But when I look at the total weight I've lost, almost 10 pounds in less than two weeks, I'm really pleased. My minimum weight loss goal each month is to loss 10 lbs. so I've almost accomplished that already! I'm an impatient person and love instant gratification. I probably wouldn't be thrilled with my weight loss unless I saw 5 lbs coming off every week, but I know that's not realistic (or healthy). It's just REALLY a pain to work so hard and get so little reward for it. Ultimately though, it will all be worth it if I can just create a healthy lifestyle for myself.

As I said in a previous post I currently have 5 steps to my self improvement plan. I think I've done pretty well. If I were grading myself I'd give myself a solid B. The first step was to eliminate soda & soft drinks. I've been completely free of both for two weeks. I do need to be careful about how many glasses of juice I drink though. They can be high in calories.  Second step was to stay under 1500 calories a day. In this area I've also been great, with the exception of Saturday when we went to Olive Garden. Actually, I think I've been a little too good at cutting my calories. It's really really hard for me to force myself to eat sometimes.A little voice in my head keeps saying things like "It's okay not to eat. You want to loose weight right?"  " Who cares if you're hungry, that peice of wheat toast is TOO MANY calories!" My typical daily diet consists of several glasses of fat free milk or juice and one meal in the evening consisting of fruit, veggies, or a cheese sandwhich; usually no more than 650 calories or so. If I had to guess I'd say I'm eating about 1,000 calories a day on average. More calories on the weekend, but definitely under 2000 calories Saturday & Sunday. I'm pleased that I'm not having much trouble cutting my calories but worried that I will slide back into the starvation problem I once had. I do not just want to trade one eating disorder for another. My third step in the self improvement plan was to limit red meat to once a week and I did that. The only meat I meat I ate all week was in my steak fettucine gorgonzolla at Olive Garden on Saturday. The fourth step was to BE NICE TO MYSELF. I've definitely worked at this all week and have cut down drastically in all the negative self talk that goes on inside my head. The final step is the one I most need to work on, I'm suppose to get more exercise. I did walk CONSTANTLY this weekend. We attended another Renaissance Fair on Saturday and then on Sunday we went up to exposition park to visit the Science Center & rose gardens. Each day I spent at least 6 hrs walking, climbing stairs, or standing. My butt muscles hurt today. I need to work exercise into each day though.

So, overal I'm content with my progress but there are some areas I need to monitor more. I'm most happy about the fact that in the nearly 2 weeks I've been at this, I haven't once eaten to the point where I feel overful or uncomfortable. My stomach feels soooo much better not being stretched out to the point of physical pain.

Big goal for this week: EXERCISE

Opps, gotta run. My husband just text messaged me and is coming home on the noon train. Which is right now! :)

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