Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy week

Not much new to post really but I thought I'd check in. Still doing fine with the dieting but hit or miss with exercising. I'm going to have some Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream ice cream tonight. Had to eat just veggies all day to conserve calories but it will be worth it, even if I can't eat the whole pint like I once did.  Will need to be very careful with my weekend eating. I'm fast approaching  the end of my first dieting month and I'm looking forward to being able to record a good chunk of weight lost. Don't want to screw it up in the home stretch. Kinda worried my period will start at any moment and I'll be retaining water on my weigh in date, but that's just to be expected.[info]muntahz has given me a few great bits of exercise/dvd advice that I hope to start working on asap. May is going to be GET MY BUTT IN MOTION month!

I've been busy with a few projects for classes I'm taking. I've also been working a little on a collage cover to put on my Dungeons & Dragons workbook. I thought it might help get me into character if I could visualize things a little. I like messing about doing photomanipulations, not that I'm good at it yet. I'm just a beginner. Still it's a fun hobby. I'll post the little maipulation I just made. It's suppose to be of my D&D character's mother, sort of watching over her. :) Cheesy I know, but as I said I'm a beginner. Anyway, here it is:

It took me about 20 mintues to make using stock photographs from an art site I belong to.

Okay, time to get busy with real life. It's the weekend, Yippee!!!! 

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