Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being brave: Photos

Here are a few photos. Hopefully someday these will be the 'before' photos to chronicle my amazing weightloss & self improvement success story,lol.

Oh my god. That backview photo is absolutely horrid. I may have to maim my beloved hubby for that one. Or maybe I should blow it up poster size and attach it to the refridgerator. All three photos were taken at the renfair we attended on Easter Sunday so they are the most recent photos I have of me.  It's hard to believe I've allowed myself to get so huge. I guess it shows just how little I've valued and cared for myself over the last decade. Especially when you contrast those photos with a photo from when I was 18:

I don't really want to be that thin again. I weighed 115 lbs at  the time that last photo was taken (on my way to my lowest weight as an adult, 103 lbs.) and I lived on about  900 calories a day & exercised for hours on end. I felt hideous most of the time too.  I'd like to find a happy medium, probably around the weight I was for most of my teen years (145 lbs.) before I decided I was a cow & started the horrible cycle of diet & binge that has  defined my life since high school. I want to be healthy & happy with myself. My life is generally so good. I think it's time I stop abusing myself & start enjoying life. No more extremes.

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