Friday, March 23, 2007

Pretty pleased

First week of classes is over & I am happy with the work I've done. I just took the test for Marriage & Family class and I did fairly well. I missed one question out of 20 (it was worded strangely, I actually did know the answer) & completed the test in just 6 minutes. It seemed very easy to me. I'm hopeful that I won't have much trouble doing well in this class. I'm more concerned with the tests & projects for my ECE class, though it's been going along fine so far.

I checked out the order reports for my store & so far this year I've sold twice as many items as I did at this time last year. So that's left me feeling pretty pleased. I've sold a total of 178 items in 37 states & 4 countries. Yippee! Even though I don't make much money from the sales since the majority of the earnings go to the hosting shop, I'm still thrilled. It's nice to know that other people like my work.

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