Thursday, March 8, 2007

He kills spiders for me

Last night my husband told me the most romantic thing. While in the bathroom earlier that evening he saw a spider in the bathtub. He does NOT like spiders. When we married he was fairly content to delegate all disposal of spiders to me, which I don't mind since generally bugs don't bother me at all. So, he's in the bathroom & sees a spider in the shower. He said he thought of just leaving it for the next person to deal with but then he realized that the next person who'd probably be in the shower would be me and he didn't want a spider jumping on me in the shower so he killed it. I found this highly romantic & very sweet.

I love that in such a little thing his first thoughts were of taking care of me. It also made me wonder what other little things he does for me that I never even know about. I get whiney with him sometimes about not being the 'showy' type of romantic. He isn't normally going to shower me with gushing compliments or flowery words, but he is deeply romantic nonetheless. He takes time from his busy work schedule to take me to jury duty & then accompanies me into the courthouse so I won't get lost in a new place or feel lonely. He regularly calls me on his lunchbreak just to chat about nothing special. Every morning He snuggles with me for the last ten or 15 minutes before he needs to leave for work. And he kills spiders so they won't attack me in the morning when I'm half asleep.

I sometimes get frustrated with him, sometimes want to just shake him hard, but under those momentary bouts of annoyance I am always aware of what a great guy I have & how lucky I am to be with him. Even when I want to strangle him. :)

They do not come any better than this man.

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