Monday, March 12, 2007

First celebrity Sighting!!

Wouldn't it figure that the first celebrity I see in real life would be an ice skater :)? Being a diehard skating fan, I was thrilled.

Yesterday, My husband and I were sitting near a popular fountain & green area in a shopping plaza in Aliso Viejo, waiting for his sister to arrive so that we could all see a movie together. It was a lovely evening, still very sunny and lots of people were hanging out around the fountain eating ice cream & playing with their kids. As usual my hubby & I were people watching and he made a comment about a little boy of about 2 1/2 sitting on the wall a few feet away, saying something about the little orange haired boy over there was going to be a terror when he was a little older. The little guy had just been running around & screaming at the top of his lungs the way little kids like to do. He took off like a bullet for the grassy area at one point. Boy could he run for such a little guy!! So I was watching the little boy & then his Mom sat down holding another baby. I wasn't paying much attention to the grown ups in the group, just the kids so I didn't really notice her at first, other than noting that she had pretty dark strawberry blonde hair a bit lighter in color than her sons hair. Then the baby she was hollding started kissing her & I finally looked more closely & realized that it was Jenni Meno, a U.S. pairs skating champion & olympian. She & her husband were really wonderful skaters & I always loved watching their programs. It was exciting to see someone in person that I've always admired on TV. I'd heard that she & her husband coached at the ice rink about a mile from that plaza (same rink Sasha Cohen trained at), so maybe they had been at the rink or possibly they live in the area. It was very cool to see her, but I didn't go up & speak to her or take a photo. She was just living her normal life & it seemed rude to interupt her. Maybe if she'd been on her own I would have approached her, but not with her family around.

We had quite an interesting day yesterday in general. John bought a remote control plane & decided to take it flying yesterday morning. I was on the hill, hoping to take some photos of it while he and his dad flew it in the park below. It took off pretty well the first two times, but on about the third time it went into a tree & got wedged tight. John spent 3 hours trying to get it out & finally had to shoot ropes attached to arrows and pulled it free. Surprisingly the plane was in pretty good shape even after all of that. I think next time he flies it, we'll go somewhere without trees. After that adventure John just wanted to relax so we went to Wingnuts, a restaurant in the Aliso Viejo plaza, for dinner & then called his sister to meet us for a movie. We saw Ghostrider. It's a nice little movie, nothing really special but a fun way to pass a few hours. I would have liked it more if I'd liked the female lead better. I didn't think she was a very good actress. I don't think she was hired for her acting though since in the majority of her scenes she was wearing extremely revealing tops showcasing her breasts. Nicholas Cage was fine in it & I always like seeing Sam Elliott in a movie, though his part wasn't very big.

All in all it ended up being a nice night. And I saw a figure skater in person! hehe

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