Monday, March 19, 2007

Felt creative

I made a collage this weekend, a theme I've been thinking of doing for awhile. I had a photo of John from our wedding that I wanted to use and had the idea of incorporating important themes/images from our lives. Since computers have been a dominating influence in John's life I had to use them. The emails raining down on him are because we met online & fell in love thru emails. The disney castle is where he proposed to me. Flamingos are important because it's a nickname he gave me after our first in person meeting. My favorite part of the collage is our horse, Moore to Come. She died last year & we miss her so much. I don't usually make things on the weekends because I'm busy doing things with John but he decided to take a nap on Saturday & I sat down & made this. I'm planning to print it on a tshirt for myself, along with the words from "our" song (printed on back of the tshirt). I think it will look good. Certainly will be a one of a kind tshirt!

In other news, I wore new shoes to Disneyland on Friday. New shoes that apparently did not offer enough support. I have HORRID pain in my feet now, particularly the left foot which feels as if I sprained the heel/ankle. Walking is very painful so exercising (other than leg lifts, stomach & arm exercises) is not possible at the moment. :(

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