Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's day and it was absolutely wonderful, possibly the best one I've had EVER. John was an absolute angel and spoiled me. I was completely overwhelmed by the sweet thoughtfulness he showed. He's such a generous and good hearted person.

We'd agreed to meet for a nice lunch near his office, instead of having a fancy Valentine's dinner somewhere. The restaurants here are too crowded on Valentine's day and I just don't find that romantic. So, I drove up to his work & picked him up for lunch. We went to Irvine Spectrum Center, an open air mall nearby, for lunch. Before we got out of the truck, John handed me a white box and I opened it to find a beautiful circlet of hearts necklace (on right in photo) that I'd admired on a tv commercial awhile back. It's just lovely and says the word love over and over along the outside edge. I was completely surprised. John never goes anywhere without me so he must have gone to the jewelers on his lunch break from work sometime earlier in the week or month. I was thrilled that he'd put so much thought and effort into getting me something, plus I just love wearing things he gives me, so this was a perfect gift. I was thrilled. We had a nice lunch and walked around a bit before John headed back to work. I decided to stay at the mall and spent the afternoon browsing and reading in Barnes & Noble. John picked me up there when he finished work and before we left the parking lot, he handed me ANOTHER BOX!!!! Inside was the circlet of sapphires necklace (on left in photo). I was completely shocked & started crying. It was just too much. Sapphires are my birthstone and I love them. He is just so sweet!! His gifts certainly put to shame the miniature rose bush/card/candy I got him for Valentine's day. ( I also gave him a massage when we got home, something he really likes).

All in all it was a wonderful, lovely day and I'll have those necklaces forever to remember it by.

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