Friday, January 5, 2007

Happy New Year! (a bit late)

Begining of a new year. Wow, where did 2006 go? It amazes me how quickly time passes now. As a child a year felt like forever. Now each year speeds by more quickly than the last. I have a feeling 2007 will be a good year, hopefully full of wonderful changes and improvements. No idea why I feel that way, but I do. Life feels like it's moving in a positive direction.

Lots of things I want to do this year, lots of changes I want to make. I wouldn't really say they were New Year's resolutions. Just goals I'd like to accomplish during the year. Mostly simple things like classes I plan to take, places I'd like John and I to go, etc. The only thing that might be considered a typical resolution would be my resolve to focus on improving my health, particularly diet and exercise but also little things like never going past 6 months for a teeth cleaning and getting pap tests and such. Do mammograms start when you're 35 too? If so I need to add that to my 'focus on health' list. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I'd rather work at staying healthy than work on recovering from some illness or physical problem. Last year was really a wake up call in regards to my family's health history. I lost two uncles at very young ages (50 and 48), just months apart .The year before I lost my Grandma who was only in her early 70s and had had about 8 years of rough health. My biological father died when he was just 30. Obviously my family doesn't have a great health track record. I don't want to follow their paths. I want to take good care of myself and I want a long healthy life with my husband.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary on New Year's Day. It was lovely :)

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