Wednesday, December 6, 2006


I'm sooooo tired! I say that with a smile though because it's my husband's fault I'm tired. We both fell asleep around 10:00 last night but two hours later I woke up laughing because my adorable husband decided I needed to be tickled. It's midnight. I'm giggling like crazy and gasping "I was sleeeeeeeping." He just gives me his sweet innocent boy look, complete with mischeivous dimpled grin, and say 'But I knew you wouldn't want to sleep if I was awake.' And so I spent two hours being tickled, kissed, cuddled and utterly charmed by my guy. I suppose there are worse things to lose sleep over. :)

Today I'm going out shopping. I want to find some nice pants and dress shoes. Friday night we're going to see the Anaheim ballet perform the Nutcracker, something I've wanted to do FOREVER, and I need new pants. I used to love clothes but that was when I had a great body. Now I'm just pleased when I can find something comfortable that isn't too hideous. I miss my old body. I WANNA LOOK LIKE I DID AT 20! (Don't we all :))
After I survive the holiday season I'm going to make it a priority to start getting healthy and in shape. I want to lose weight, get strong & flexible. It's time I start taking care of myself. I've got an amazing man who loves me just as I am. I want to be around a LONG time and have a great life with him.

Time to go shopping.

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