Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Be of good cheer...

I've been a bit of a grump recently, particularly with my husband, poor guy. Not that he doesn't deserve to be snapped at occasionally :). Still, I don't like it when I'm grumpy. Even when it's a bit justified, I always end up feeling guilty and miserable. No one likes a sourpuss and in the end giving in to the grumps only makes you feel worse. It's better to try and cultivate a cheerful attitude, even if it kills you :). I think Emerson said it best, "So you think, so shall you be." I really believe that we write our own stories with the way that we think, sort of a self fullfilling prophecy. I also think that whatever you put out, ends up being reflected back to you. So, if you're a mean ornery grump then that's how others will probably react to you as well. Better to try and be cheerful and positive. Not always the easiest thing in the world to accomplish I'll admit. Particularly when you're like me and are too easily influenced by the moods and attitudes of others. I can start out completely cheerful and pleased with life and then meet a frowning friend or hear a rude comment and my mood will immediately plummet. It's something I really need to learn to control. It's silly to let outside things get me down when at heart I'm a pretty happy and contented person. After all, I love and am loved. What more is necessary?

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