Monday, October 16, 2006

Utterly Motivated

Ugh, monday again. Laundry time. I believe my last public post to this journal was on laundry day too. Journaling seems to be my way of escaping from laundry duty.

We had a nice quiet weekend, didn't really do much of anything. Saturday we spent a few hours at a big RV show in Pomono (just outside L.A.). We were hoping to get ideas on how we might remodel the sleeping/dressing area of our horse trailer. We'd like to make it more camping friendly; add a shower/toilet, a refridgerator, stairs to the sleeping loft, storage, possibly a cooking/sink area. Of course, this takes money which we don't currently have so we're just in the planning and dreaming phase. The RV show was fun but didn't really have what we were looking for. Besides visiting the RV show, we did very little else: dinner at Boston Market on Saturday night, dinner at Ruby's Diner Sunday. Oh, we did buy a few movies. My husband has taken it upon himself to educate me on all the movies he thinks I should have watched, such as Nightmare on Elm street which we watched on Saturday and Groundhog Day which we watched last night. I didn't particularly like Nightmare..though it was cool to see Johnny Depp with such a baby face! I really LOVED Groundhog Day though. I will watch that again for sure. I love the theme of transforming yourself.

I'm just blathering on because I'm absolutely and completely unmotivated. I should be editing photographs. I have ideas for clothing designs I need to make for my Cafe Press shop, and items there that I should remove or edit or update. I have ideas for a few photomanipulations that I want to make. Then there is my website which I still haven't fixed up the way I'd like. Yet despite these things pressing on me, I can't seem to get motivated to actually DO anything. UGH! Right now, I guess I'll just concentrate on doing laundry and straightening up our bedroom. HOpefully the motivation to get creative will come along soon.

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