Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm Back!

We got back from vacation a day ago. It was wonderful! We took TONS of photos but as usual I'm not pleased with most of them, still I'll be posting quite a few over the next week or so I think.

We went to Yosemite National Park, Bodie Ghost Town, Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Reno, Grass Valley,Sutter's Mill, Auburn, San Francisco, the Nevada County Draft Horse Festival and even spent a couple of hours in Sacramento. Busy, Busy vacation, but lots of fun.

I think the highlight for me was probably seeing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. It was just an awesom, beautiful site. We picknicked in Crissy Field park and watched surfers in the water under the bridge. I also loved the narrow winding hilly streets and quirky shops in the city. We only spent about 5 hrs in the city and I would enjoy going back but next time we won't visit with our huge truck. It's not an especially truck friendly city. No parking at all for an oversized vehicle.

My husband's favorite part of the trip definitely seemed to be the Draft horse show. Since our Arabian mare died he hasn't been around horses and I know how much he's missed it. I hope we can get another horse someday. Horses are such a part of him. Now that he's seen one in person, I think I've made him fall in love with Gypsy horses as much as I have. We'd really like to own one in the future. There was a gorgeous Gypsy stallion at the festival named Nelson, from Rock Ranch, and I've never seen a horse with so much hair. When we talked to the breeder about him we found out that he has a two year waiting list for his stud service. He's in such high demand.

Weirdly enough, while at this horse fair about 600 miles from our home, we ended up standing about 5 feet from my husband's ex-girlfriend. It's funny that we boarded at the same barn as her for about 6 months when my husband and I were first married and I never saw her but we travel to a very distant horse fair and there she is. The horse community is smaller than I'd realized. She does braiding for shows as a side business and normally works the english circuit. Bizarre and a bit awkward to run into her so unexpectedly. My husband didn't recognize her at first and we didn't speak with her at all. Still an odd little happening. She even ended up being in the background of a few of our photos.

I'm going to be busy trying to go through all the photos, edit them and get them posted. It was such a nice vacation that I wish it hadn't ended. I like having so much time alone with my husband. :)

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