Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Quick update

Just a quick update:

I've fallen in LOVE with our stable neighbor's horse! He's a beautiful blue roan stallion quarterhorse and just as sweet as can be. Unfortunately he's on trial and hasn't actually been bought yet by my neighbor so I'm trying hard not to get too attached. I made our horse a little jealous this morning when I spent a bit of time petting the new boy :). I'd love to have my own horse someday. Our horse Moore to Come likes me of course (i've bought her affection with lots of carrots and tons of grooming) but in her heart it's obvious she belongs completely to my hubby, which is only natural since she's been his for 15+ years and I've only been in her life for a year and a half. Still, I'd love to have that kind of a connection with a horse of my own.

The only other little bit of news is that my hubby's boss is leaving the company to start up a similar department in another mortgage company in Arizona. There's a slim chance that if his boss gets him a good offer from that company that we might relocate to Arizona as well. So as a precaution I've started doing a little online research into the Phoenix area, particularly horse boarding and apartment costs. Even though it's just a small chance it's best to be prepared I think.

Other than that not much new is happening with me. I've been feeling creative and wanting to work on a few projects but haven't been able too because I've been both busy and suffering from migraines. Hopefully sometime this week I can sit down and find a few minutes to work on a collage or something. I also need to add a few prints to my DA print account and a couple of items to my cafepress shop. I'm averaging about 1 sale a week from cafepress. Though I don't make hardly anything from them it still makes me happy that other people like my stuff so I'm glad I took the chance and started the site. I've sold a couple of prints here at DA as well. I only wish there was some way I could see who bought my prints so I could thank them in my journals.

Anyway, take care all. Hope your week is going well!

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