Sunday, March 12, 2006


Here we are our first night in Chicago, walking around in the snow downtown near our hotel. The Hyatt was really, really nice. Very elegant and we had a room on the 36th floor (I think) with a good view into a fancy highrise apartment and the Millenium Park. John and I turned out our lights, opened the curtains on the floor to ceiling windows and watched the activites of the people in the apartments across from us :).

John spent the majority of his time in the convention center, attending conferences and listening to guest speakers. While he was busy with that I spent my time browsing around the wonderful gift shop in the lobby and walking around the downtown area. We're in the heart of downtown, near the river and in the center of all the hustle & bustle. Both John & I decided that we definitely aren't city types. Too stressful with everyone rushing about like rabbits! ANd the title windy city ain't for nothing! Everytime I stepped outside I was hit by an arctic breeze that nearly knocked me over. Oh, we ate at a couple of VERY expensive steak restaurants, both paid for by John's company. One of the dinners was actually a reception held for the conventioners at Landry's Steak house.

We did manage to get a bit of sight seeing into the trip. We went up in the Sears Tower (amazing views of the city), we went out on the pier where there are tons of interesting shops, we went to the Museum of Art. I got a funky chicago sears tower snow globe & another willowtree figurine (a couple in a dance like pose that makes me think of our first dance at our wedding. All in all it was a really nice time but we both prefer the sunny weather and more laid back pace of Southern California.

John's been sick for several days. It started on the trip & has gotten worse. Poor guy.

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