Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's an amazingly gorgeous day and I decided to spend a little time on the beach by the marine institute in dana point (one of my very favorite spots in the world). Apparently I look extra friendly today because two different people made a point of sitting beside me to chat. One was a retired man in his 70's originally from the Netherlands. His wife told him to go for a walk but instead he visited with me and told me all about his 16 grandkids! It was a pleasant hour. I do wish I'd had my camera with me though to get some good beach shots. The tide was out and the beach looked really breathtaking. I could spend every day taking photos there. I passionately love all the rocks and shells and tidal pools on this beach.

New Year's Eve was lovely. We spent most of the weekend, including our anniversary on New year's Day, at Disneyland. We had a wonderful hotel room in the Grand California Hotel. As an anniversary present to ourselves we had our portrait done in pastels by an artist in the French Quarter at Disneyland. She really captured my husband perfectly but I think she made the sketch of me a bit younger and prettier than in reality.Still, it's a good portrait and something we'll both enjoy having for years to come. I'll try and get a photo of the drawing to post here so everyone can see it. It's too big to scan.

I need to make a list of all my new year's goals. They aren't resolutions exactly, just things I'd like to accomplish sometime this year. I try to make a list each year. I love lists. They give me a sense of control. :)

All in all, life is good. It's hard to believe my husband and I have been married over a year now (a year and 10 days!). I still feel like I'm on my honeymoon. He's been working from home this week designing a web program for the company he works for and I've loved being able to see him every moment of the day. I'm going to miss him when he finishes this project and goes back to working in the office again.

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