Friday, January 20, 2006


Last night I went downstairs for juice and slipped on the stairs, falling VERY hard on my tailbone and back. My husband took me to the emergency room since I couldn't move without crying and luckily I didn't actually break anything but I came pretty close and severly bruised my coccyx and my lower back. The doctor said I'll probably be laid up for 4 weeks, 2 if I'm very lucky and very careful to do nothing to strain the area more. :( They perscribed a pretty heavy dosage of percocet for the pain but it doesn't do much except make me nauseaus and woozy. Sitting isn't possible so I have to stand or lay down. SUch fun. Anyway, I probably won't be on line much for the next week or two since I can't sit down . I'm actually typing this standing up.

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